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Dear Babbzy…..

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Dear Babbzy, I writ this email to u becaw I fell that u gotta do someting bout my condition.  I am not workin and have 4 kids.  I am a youn woman of twety two year of age.  It is not fair that I cant work. But I writ to u becaw I know u fair.  I need u to send me 1700 dollars us or bajan to help me thru this time hay.  I know u rich so if u cuh send me somee just make sure u email me back or call this number XXX XXXX it is…

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Dying In Police Custody In Barbados….

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Kenrick Fatrute Belgrave · Registered Nurse at Fresenius Medical Care. Babbzy this is Fatrute here. How you doing? I am dealing with a situation that concerns me. On 1 Dec 2011 I saw a friend of mine being taken away in handcuffs from Brittion hill to the Ostins police station by the Barbados police. When I saw him he looked healthy to me. It was about 645 that morning when he was in police custody. I arrived in New York City the same day. The next day I woke up in NYC 8 oclock I heard on the news that…

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