My Top Soca Riddim Picks So Far – End Of 2017

What’s up everyone.  It’s been a while since I did a Soca Blog Post.  

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season.  I hope Santa was good to you.  But I hope no white man actually came down your chimney, if he did, you got some issues. 

Now we all know it’s pretty much Soca Season.  In St. Kitt’s the parade is January 2, 2018.  So they usually start the year off with the festivities. I have a tonne of music to go through still but I think that I have my favourite riddims so far and you can let me know if I have missed anything.    

My all time favourite riddim for the year so far has got to be hands down the Folklore Riddim.  This riddim was produced by AdvoKit Productions in collaboration with Julian’s Promos and believe me the Kes track “Hello” is already over 1 million views.  There is a Kes, Nadia Batson, Sekon Sta and Turner on this riddim. 

Take a listen to all the songs right here.


The next riddim I totally love is the Upendo Riddim.  Another slower riddim with a slight Jazz feel.  This riddim was produced by Nine Mind/Lenkey Records and features Machel Montano, The Voice, M1, I-Octane, and Turner. 


You can take a listen right here.  


Another SLOWER riddim that I absolutely love came out during Crop Over 2017 but is still one of my favourites.  It’s the Visa Riddim.  This Riddim was produced by DJ Kurt Riley for Jambian Records and CO produced by King Bubba. There is a King Bubba, Stiffy, Boatman, Sekon Sta and Verseewild on this riddim. 

You can take a listen right here.  


The one FASTER riddim that made my favourites list so far is the Pim Pim Riddim.  This riddim was produced by TeamFoxxMusic.  It has a Bouyon feel to it.  There is a Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Lyrikal and Motto. 

My favourite on the riddim is the Skinny Fabulous track.  

You can hear the songs right here. 

And honourable mention, another slower riddim is the Physique Riddim.  This Riddim was produced by Precision Productions.  There is a Machel Montano, Preedy and Samantha J on the Riddm.  My favourite is the Machel Montano.  

You can have a listen here. 

As you know songs release every single day so you never know what else could make my favourites list.  Just to let people know, faster Soca tend not to be on riddims as much as the slower Soca tracks.  I may do a review soon of my favourite fast Soca tracks right now.  

You never know.  

Ah gone!

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