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SuperVlogger, Host, Emcee, DJ, West Indian Personality

Barbadian Descent, Resides in Toronto, Canada

She’s raw, she’s truthful and she’s gorgeous! She’s Babbzy, and she’s the Caribbean’s leading lady in all matters of gossip, news and entertainment.

In less than a year,“Babbzy’s” website has become the most visited site by the Caribbean-Urban demographic averaging 2 million hits per month (500,000 per week). Visitors from around the world, namely the Caribbean, Canada the UK, Indonesia as well as a growing fan base from Africa namely Zambia and Ghana tune in for the most up to date news about the hottest topics, which includes background spin; Babbzy is the most trusted source for the raw truth.

Babbzy has been featured as a host and emcee on numerous fetes and events in North America and the Caribbean.

This Bajan-Canadian female phenomenon is the third most followed female from Barbados on Twitter (Rihanna is ranked #1, Shontelle Layne #2), is the most requested female host for events worldwide and is the only female who has a fan base that takes action based on what she says! With her own Youtube channel, U-Stream channel and Facebook page, her blogs have become very common in households throughout the world.

Growing up in Toronto under the ruling of 2 Bajan parents, many of the views and experiences Babbzy discusses leverage off of her West Indian heritage. This is what makes her relatable to so many fans. Having minimal West Indian representation in the media, Babbzy has managed to tap into an un-touched fan base. Combining comedy and seriousness, Babbzy touches on topics most don’t want to go near.

Starting her blogging career in October 2009 Babbzy quickly gained popularity among West Indians in the Caribbean as well as the Diaspora. Her blogging touches on various topics ranging from the upliftment of women to current events all through the eyes of a “Bajan-Canadian” as she commonly refers to herself as.

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